• The mechanical inspection includes your central air conditioner and heating units. It also includes all the built in appliances in the house, such as the oven, microwave, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and garage door opener. Note: If the refrigerator, freezer, washer, and/or dryer are staying in the home please let us know so that we can check them.
  • Thermal imaging inspection allows you to better understand what is happening behind the walls and in areas that are not accessible. Moisture penetration. Heat and cooling loss. Missing or falling insulation in exterior and common hot walls

Home Inspection Services

Phase Inspection is performed at three times during new home construction.

Phase 1

This is the first inspection which is performed before the concrete is poured.  The foundation inspection is one of the most important for the new home buyer to schedule. Forms for the slab and the interior of the forms are inspected.  Interior and exterior wall supports are inspected.  The vapor barrier is inspected.  Spacing of the cables is checked.  Forms are inspected for being level.

Phase 2

This is the second inspection which is performed before the drywall is installed.  The structure is inspected before the sheetrock is applied to the interior of the house.  The spacing between the studs is checked.  Sole plates for treated lumber are inspected.  The spacing of ceiling joists and rafters in the attic are checked.  The framing of window and door openings is checked.  Second floor decking is inspected.  Electrical systems and wiring, plumbing pipes, fixtures, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are inspected.

Phase 3

This is the third and final inspection which is performed prior to the builder’s walk-through.  The operation and installation of all systems in the home are inspected in a complete home inspection..


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Phase Inspections

  • Grading and drainage is a critical component for proper foundation performance and stability. Poor soil conditions are the leading cause of foundation repair. Your inspector will be evaluating the home’s potential drainage configuration and the home’s guttering system for adverse conditions.

Full Home Inspection:

Our home inspection service includes the structural / electrical / mechanical & plumbing systems of the house.

  • On the structural inspection, we'll walk on the rooftop whenever it is safe and accessible for us to do so. We'll check the entire roofing system and all roof penetrations. And we even crawl thru the attic checking for water penetration, proper framing, load bearing walls, inside and outside, down to and including the foundation system. So structurally we’re checking the house from top to bottom. If Pier & Beam home: On Pier & Beam we physically crawl below the house to determine if that un-levelness in the house above is typical for an older structure, caused by normal settling, or if there is something structurally significant in need of repair below the house.
  • On the electrical system, we go from the electrical service panel, where your breakers are, to every accessible outlet, switch, ceiling fan, and light fixture that you have in the house.
  • On the plumbing inspection we check for proper operation of all your sinks, faucets, commodes, bath tubs, showers, and water heaters.  

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